Waddler Care | Bright Beginnings Preschool

Our Sweet Waddlers

What is a Waddler?

Waddler is a cute term used to define that adorable stage between young baby and toddler! We see so much value in separating our waddler friends from their younger/older counterparts because their developmental needs and individual interests vary. Waddlers are young children between 12-16 months who are unsteady walkers and just beginning to get into everything!

Hey Mama Bears- Meet your Waddler (ages 12-16 months)

  • I am starting to walk/toddle
  • I am super excited about the world around me and want to taste everything
  • I love, love , love silly songs, word patterns and repetitive books (Pat the Bunny)
  • I am becoming aware of my surroundings and am sensitive to changes in my environment
  • I like my routine and probably have a favorite “blankie or lovie”
  • I make my opinions well known to parents and caregivers easily
  • I’m a drama king/queen! Waddlers can go from happy and giggly to exhausted to frustrated in a moment- try not to take it personally!
  • I love to be cuddled (when it suits me!) and to engage with caregivers but give me time to explore my world! I love noisy toys, baby board books and textures! I’ll put them in my mouth every single time so keep a close eye on me!

Why Choose our Waddler Classroom:

  • Typically, infants are moved into our Waddler area once they are getting steady on their feet, trying to feed themselves and have transitioned to napping once per day.
  • The transition between infant and waddlers is done slowly, usually over several weeks, and with much communication between caregivers, parents and program director so your child ’s routine is as consistent as possible
  • Bright Beginnings’ Waddler classroom is designed to enrich, nurture, and engage every baby in our care.
  • Safety is our main priority- all teachers are First Aid and CPR trained
  • Teachers covering for staff lunch breaks are consistent so that all caregivers know your child’s needs
  • Each child has a main caregiver who is assigned to 4 or fewer children
  • We utilize a large “white board” to document each day noting any specific requests or milestones we utilize a large “white board” to document each day noting any specific requests or milestones
  • You’ll receive daily electronic communication via our Tadpoles day notes which include pictures, lesson plans and information about your child’s day
  • We work closely with our families to create a program that fits their child’s pattern for sleeping, eating, playing and learning.
  • Our teachers are continually trained to encourage and enhance every aspect of your child’s development and growth.

Waddler Curriculum

During a typical day, your waddler will do many activities:

  • Morning meeting/circle time including a welcome song and greeting each child by name
  • Music or art activities are typically done at least twice daily
  • Outdoor time includes buggy rides, play on grassy area on blanket with teacher and friends
  • Literature, nursery rhymes and fingerplays
  • Snacks and lunch are offered according to parent wishes and amounts eaten documented, babies are cuddled while being fed a bottle
  • Diapers are checked regularly and documented accordingly
  • Explore appropriate manipulative materials and blocks chosen to enhance brain development
  • Explore sensory motor activities designed to enhance the 5 senses
  • Naptime cuddling and rocking with lullaby music
  • Plenty of time for gross motor play and to practice walking, balancing and standing

"Bright Beginnings is affectionately referred to as "Miss Sue's House" by our 2-year-old son Jack, referring to the wonderful Crozet co-director who's been at BB for 15 years. Jack started here just after his first birthday, and had a hard time with drop-off at first, but the staff was so kind and patient with him, and with us (even when we called every day to hear how he was doing!) and were always very gracious about checking in on him and talking us through our first-time-parent anxieties. BB fosters a community atmosphere, and events like the Christmas Elf Workshop and Halloween Parade were highlights of his first year in daycare. Jack genuinely enjoys his teachers, staff and all the little buddies he's made, and I truly believe that BB has made him a more curious, more well-adjusted, more socially comfortable kid. Miss Sue has also taken on the difficult task of teaching him better manners, making sure he sits down during lunch and plays nicely with the other kids. The center was always clean, safe, accommodating and beautifully decorated with child artwork and other projects. I love getting the Tadpoles reports at the end of each day, getting a glimpse of what he did all day and asking about details I wouldn't otherwise know from him. All in all, it's been a great experience at BB. We'll always have very fond memories of BB and all the great people there. Thanks for making Jack's time in daycare so sweet and so stimulating!"-Nemett Family, Crozet