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We Were Voted Best Preschool... Again!

They say when it rains- it pours! This summer Bright Beginnings was voted as Charlottesville's Best Preschool in not one, not two but three local publications!

The Daily Progress Newspaper had their annual Reader's Choice Awards- and Bright Beginnings was voted the #1 Daycare Provider in Charlottesville! Check us out here!

We are also thrilled to announce that we were voted Best Preschool in Charlottesville in the latest Best of Cville 2017 Awards! It is such an honor to be voted Best Preschool by our community! Check us out in Best of Cville here!

Lastly, (but certainly not least) we were voted #1 Preschool, #1 Daycare, #2 Infant and Toddler Program and our fabulous Crozet Pre-K Teacher, Margaret Killory, was voted #2 Best Teacher in the Charlottesville area! Check us out in the Charlottesville Family Favorite Awards here!

For those you you that do not know, Bright Beginnings is a family owned preschool. Our school was founded in 1984 by my mom, Kathe Petchel. Before my mom started Bright Beginnings, she was teaching 1st grade at a local Charlottesville elementary school while my Dad started his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia.

When she was pregnant with my older sister, Meg, she began looking for quality preschools around Charlottesville and Central Virginia. To her surprise she didn't find any preschools that offered the type of quality program that she wanted for her child! The daycare centers she did find were closer to a babysitting service- she didn't find any schools that provided what she wanted: a preschool that engaged children in hands-on, fun, educational activities while still providing the nurturing environment she wanted for her child. So she decided she would start her own. She combined her favorite teaching methods: Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf and developed her own creative curriculum. And the rest- as they say- is history!

Today, we still are a family run business and have three thriving locations in Charlottesville and Crozet. Being a part of the local community here is something we don't take for granted. We love partnering with other local businesses and always support our local sports teams and elementary schools. It means the world to us to have been voted the best preschool in Charlottesville- thank you to everyone who voted for us- you are the best!

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