Top 10 Reasons Why We Are Different | Bright Beginnings Preschool

Top 10 Reasons Why We Are Different

"Our daughter Clara is loving yoga, art and playing with her many new friends! Most importantly for us, Clara is steadily learning to write her name, and is able to recognize many letters and numbers. She feels very grown up going to school, as well she should. We are all delighted with her progress!"-Lucy Horsefield

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1.) 95% of Our Brilliant Teachers are CPR Certified

  • Yes… you read that right! Almost every single teacher and teacher’s assistant in our buildings is CPR and First Aid Certified! While State Licensing requires only 2 teachers per a location to be certified, we go above and beyond to exceed the regulations to ensure the best! We want your family to have the highest quality child care… because your little one deserves the best…its as simple as that!

2.) Tadpoles Virtual Day Notes...Keep track of your child's day, without doing a thing!

  • We believe that communication between our teachers and parents is a vital component of your child’s experience at Bright Beginnings Preschool. In order for your family to have the best we have introduced a virtual day note software called Tadpoles. Now, both parents will never miss a beat! Be sure to ask about Tadpoles during your tour at Bright Beginnings!

3.) Ohm... We Offer Yoga!

  • Yoga has so many benefits and we are thrilled to give our kids the opportunity to practice weekly! Research has shown that kids yoga improves concentration and behavioral issues. Additionally, it promotes stress relief and breathing techniques! Experts believe yoga is a fantastic option for children who tend to shy away from physical activity but it also helps athletically confident children excel in physical activities and sports!

4.) Our Comprehensive Foreign Language Program is Out of this World!

  • During the summer of 2015, we enthusiastically launched out Foreign Language Program at all three Bright Beginnings locations. All of our location are currently learning Spanish! Children under the age of 6 are incredible sponges for absorbing new information. Learning a foreign language in preschool sets the stage for your child’s future success in learning a language!

5.) Our Delicious Pizza Gardens

  • We love to teach our kids where the food they eat comes from- and what better way than to have your own vegetable garden! Each location has there very own garden- and get this- we use our own herbs and tomatoes on our homemade pizza each Friday!

6.) Weekly Music Specialist

  • Our curriculum really is out of this world- we love to embrace the whole child! We are thrilled to offer a weekly music specialist at Bright Beginnings!

7.) Rest Easy...We Have Secure Buildings

  • Your child’s safety is our first priority. Upon enrolling your child, you will receive a key card and that will allow you to enter our building. Those without key cards will have to ring our doorbell and have a Director identify you. You will also be asked to pick a 4-digit pin to sign your child in and out daily after entering the building. We strongly encourage our parents not to “piggy back” with one and other while entering our schools. While its second nature to want hold the door for a fellow parent with their hands full, it is best to swipe your key card individually, so we will have a record of who specifically enters our building at all times. If you know you are going to have your hands full during drop off, please don’t hesitate to call ahead to ask your site director for a hand- we are more than happy to meet you outside!

8.) We have 1,511 Years Combined Experience! Yes- You Read That Right- 1,115 YEARS!

  • who have built incredible careers teaching preschool! With a combined 320 years of teaching experience between our teachers, you can {pause} and take a deep breath {really! It helps!} and know that your child is receiving the best care in Central Virginia!

9.) Engaging Field Trips and Fun Interactive Guest Speakers

Field Trips

  • Pumpkin picking, Apple picking, Doctor’s Offices-OH MY! We are always planning exciting adventures for your child to learn outside of the classroom! Most recently, our pre-kindergartners practiced their manners they had been learning at a local restaurant! Have a brilliant idea for a field trip? Tell us! We love parent input and ideas!

Guest Speakers

  • We have had incredible involvement with our Guest Speakers Series at Bright Beginnings. Most recently we had a pastry chef talk to our kids about working in the dessert field! The kids even got to decorate their own fancy desserts! We have had pediatricians, dentists, veterinarians, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, lawyers, wildlife specialists, yoga instructors visit too! The list goes on and on! If you are interested in coming to be a guest speaker or know someone great- please let us know! We are always trying to involve our parents!

10.) Beautiful Nature Trails

  • We believe that not all learning should be done in the classroom. You will often hear that your child’s teacher read a Dr. Seuss book to their class outside--in the forest--on a picnic blanket! We also use our nature trails to gather science and art project materials- or just to get outside and be in the fresh air! We try to capture all of the senses at Bright Beginnings…and lets face it- kids love to be outside!