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Toddler 101

"I am so glad how much interest and feed back I receive every day from my daughters teacher. She is helping her in all her weak areas and encouraging her. I love all the art work that my daughter brings home every day. I feel very happy that my girl is in a safe place with people who really care about her."-Gillette Family

Toddlers 101

There is probably no cuter stage, nor more challenging group than our lovable, engaging and passionate toddlers.
  • Toddlers (16 months- 2 years old) are typically “into everything” and move at the speed of lightening! They are curious, emotional and demanding and their highs and lows are exhausting for parents and teachers. They learn very quickly and are beginning to see themselves as separate from their parents and their peers as potential playmates.
  • This age group, particularly in a group setting, requires enormous patience, a calm and steady temperament and lots of activities ready to go! Successful toddler teachers are flexible- well planned lessons must be shortened or lengthened at a moments notice. Toddler are tactile learners and engage all the senses more than any other age group. They taste, smell and touch just about everything, so our teachers are extra diligent about safety in our toddler classrooms.
  • Toddlers love to roam, climb, run and although they are optimistic about their skills, many times don’t fully have the gross or fine motor muscles and eye hand coordination to succeed right away. This leads to frustration, particularly since language development is emerging continually. A patient teacher is essential and must take a step back and assess the child and the group continually asking, “Is this a successful activity?”, and, “How can I adapt this to meet all my students needs?”
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