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The Benefits of Music and Movement

The Benefits of Music and Movement at Preschool

Music is an amazing way to engage a child of any age. When used in conjunction with movement, music has numerous benefits across all aspect of development. Read on to learn about the duo’s many benefits and begin to use it with your little one today!

Music encourages speech. Your baby gets exposed to the structure of language, word and letter sounds, and also various vocabulary and rhymes from the get-go. It encourages them to sing along, and eventually make up their own songs. It also helps them learn how to articulate certain sounds and apply what they’ve learned routinely.

Music and movements build confidence. Many kids shy away from music and dancing when surrounded by others. They feel silly or insecure. But, when introduced to it in conjunction with being very young, children learn to love the two and gain lots of confidence performing around others. They may even turn out to be better public speakers as they age since they were encouraged to let loose and allow the music and movements to break out of their shell. Consider building a platform in your home to serve as a stage so they can perform for you and their siblings and friends.

The duo also fine tunes coordination and large and small motor skills.Toddlers need to use grasping, swinging, clasping, and other fine motor skills when playing instruments. When they dance, they target their large motor skills and are more likely to master milestones such as jumping, skipping, trotting, and running. They also have better balance over all.

Music and movement helps develop rhythm, and understand sequence, a series of beats or steps, and it also helps improve memory. Kids can remember verses, sounds of notes, can memorize lines and choruses. Kids who are exposed to music and movement early on are also more likely to play instruments long term, over time; and just be more musically inclined over all. They also tend to be better readers because they have a strong understanding of rhythm within a sentence or stanza when reading poetry.

The duo is also >strong>engaging. Kids will love the entertainment of playing along to a favorite song, singing to nursery rhymes, and putting on a show-and parents will love the fact that they aren’t relying on television or technology in order for their child to feel engaged. Singing, dancing, and playing instruments is also a fun activity for parents because it allows them to actively participate in a hands on activity with their kids, be good role model in this aspect, and the activities are low cost but high on fun.

Finally, keep in mind that these two concepts do not need to cost a lot of money (if any at all) to enjoy. You can make your own instruments out of household items, and you can make up your own songs!

Who knew just how powerful music and movement could be when paired together? Introduce this to your child sooner than later, and be sure to set up an area in your home that is conducive to learning and growing through tune and movement.

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