Tadpoles Electronic Daily Reports | Bright Beginnings Preschool

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the daily updates. Seeing little snapshots of what she did throughout the day and hearing a summary of fun things she's learning is so motivating and I wish I could get that everywhere she goes." Stephanie, Brinley's Mommy

Why We Use Tadpoles

We have always been a preschool that prides itself in parent-school communication. For years we wrote detailed daily reports about your child's day on a slip of paper and sent it home with Mommy or Daddy at pick up. But even though these notes were handed to Mommy or Daddy didn't necessarily mean the note made it home. All too often parents would ask- you have an extra copy of our son's day note? That's why we thought that it was time to upgrade to a system that was efficient, detailed and would never get lost in the shuffle again! Gone are the days of hand written daily reports on a small piece of paper that may or may not make it from your car at pick up to your home.

In 2014 we implemented Tadpoles, a web and app based software, that allows teachers to send electronic updates, photos and reminders to their class's parents throughout the day. The immediate response to Tadpoles was that parents were absolutely thrilled. They love getting updates on their children throughout the day and now can't see preschool life without it!

Being able to send photos and descriptions of our daily curriculum, notes about who your child played with and reminders about upcoming events has completely streamlined the old fashioned "day note."

Additionally, our Tadpoles system has the portfolio element where your child's teacher can save pictures of your child's classroom experiences and progress to the Portfolio. Each child has a customized Portfolio within the Tadpoles system which makes tracking progress and parent teacher conferences more comprehensive.

Another favorite feature for many parents is their ability to choose to send classroom pictures to grandparents, aunts or uncles. As a parent you activate this feature- it's just the pictures not the specific daily information.

We believe communication is key in your experience at Bright Beginnings. We know that how a school and teacher communicates with it's parents will set the tone for parent involvement in their child's school future way beyond preschool.