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Preschool vs. Daycare- What's the DIfference?

Wow, this can be a complicated question with lots of different opinions and interesting points of view! We’ll do our best to make sense of it and give a little guidance in terms of choices. In many states one distinction is whether a program is licensed. This is determined by the number of children, length of time in care and the regularity of care.

A traditional definition would characterize Day Care as strictly a full time babysitting type arrangement, with the provider keeping children safe and attending to their physical and emotional needs where a preschool may or may not be full time but would add the teaching and education element.

Morning or part time preschools may choose to be licensed but may not be required to be licensed due to the small amount of time in care. Many morning preschools offer care 2 or 3 mornings for a short schedule such as 9-12. Licensing views this a less of a risk for children.

Home Day Care providers may or may not need to be licensed because the guidelines are directly determined by the amount of children in care, length of time in care each day and the regularity of care For example, care for children of working parents versus drop in care for an hour while mommy is at the gym.

Day Care centers are strictly regulated and are required to follow hundreds of licensing as well as health department, zoning and fire regulations. This should give parents a high degree of confidence regarding their child’s safety.

Bright Beginnings has you covered because we are a fully licensed preschool program that focuses on providing preschool education for all children within a full day AND we offer part time schedule options. We are a full service program that cares for children full or part time and provides an award winning pre school curriculum designed to nurture and support children’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Choosing Bright Beginnings allows an enormous amount of flexibility for families because you may change your child’s schedule with little notice. We admire and honor teachers and allow 9 or 10 month contracts and are flexible for our international families who need sabbaticals and extended time away.

Unlike a morning preschool, we don’t limit the fun learning time. We have fantastic activities planned throughout each all day which allows your child to participate in the fun of learning as he much as he chooses. Sometimes he may want a little R and R away from the activities and that’s just fine. That’s when he’ll be reading in the library corner or digging in the gardens.

We look forward to working with your family, no matter what your needs!