Language Development for Toddlers | Bright Beginnings Preschool

Since Toddlers are growing and developing so quickly it is essential staff understand how to support their quickly growing language skills. At Bright Beginnings we promote language development in three areas: receptive, expressive and pronunciation. We continually assess your child’s comprehension of language and grammar as well as modeling appropriate speech sound perceptions (pitch changes, negative and positive tones, voice inflection at end of sentence as in asking a question)
Average Receptive Vocabulary (words recognized when heard of seen, i.e. tree, cup, doll, rattle, nose, dog etc.)
  • 12 months - 50 words
  • 15 months - 120 words
  • 16 months - 170 words
  • 18 months - 200 words
Average Expressive Vocabulary (words used when speaking)
  • 12 months - 3 words as well as grunting, nodding and pointing
  • 14 months - 14 words
  • 16 months - 40 words
  • 18 months - 68 words
  • 23 months - 200 words

    Language Acquisition

    Given the speed in which children develop their receptive vocabulary, we talk, talk, talk! We use normal adult vocabulary, ask questions to promote reception and speak in correct and grammatical English. We identify objects in the room and in our books and we name them, model the pronunciation and encourage our toddlers to say them.


      Until children are approximately 18 months, they typically express themselves using one word, making themselves understood with pointing, voice inflection and emotions. From 18 months, most children begin to experiment with combining several words to form phrases or short sentences to express themselves more fully.


        For children 12-24 months, it is essential that adults model correct pronunciation for children and translate as necessary in a positive, encouraging manner.

    "Both of my children attended Bright Beginnings Preschool. Not only were we moving to a new area and a new house, but also a new school. The teachers and administration were nurturing and caring and helped my children adjust with ease. The curriculum was top-notch and made for an easy transition into elementary school. The teachers are fabulous and my children made life-long friends at Bright Beginnings. I love the open door policy and that I was able to be active in the classroom, attend field trips and participate within the preschool community. I would recommend Bright Beginnings over and over again!" -Fischer Family