Forest Lakes | Bright Beginnings Preschool

"The thing that is so amazing about Bright Beginnings is the amazing staff! Each and every teacher really, truly care about each and every student. When I first started working here I was amazed to see that every teacher not only knew each student’s name but also their background, facts about them, their favorite foods and the name of their “lubby.” The love we feel for our students is evident and infections. I truly feel that the parents and the kids see this in our day to day lessons and it oozes to our kids." -Ms. Sydney

Ms. Teena

quality, experienced, licensed, CPR, First Aid, MAT, #1, best preschool

Ms. Teena

Lead Teacher, Opening Supervisor, Assistant Director

Miss Teena has worked in early childhood education for over 22 years and been with Bright Beginnings Forest Lakes since 1995. Teena graduated from Junior College and married her husband of 51 years, Raymond, and has three grown children and 7 grandchildren. In her free time, Teena is active in her church and volunteers with the preschool children’s Sunday school program. Teena is a core member of the Bright Beginnings Forest Lakes team as an opening supervisor, assistant director and mentor for new teachers.

Bright Beginnings Background:
Early in her career, Teena taught Pre-Kindergarten but over the past 16 years she has focused her attention on the wonderful combination of 3’s and 4’s. This age group is her favorite because they are exploring their newfound independence, gaining knowledge and skills daily and come to school so excited to learn and play. Teena was awarded Bright Beginnings “Teacher of the Year” in 2005 and voted by the readers of Charlottesville Family magazine Best Teacher in 2008. Give your child an amazing gift of time in Teena’s classroom!
What we love about Teena:
  • Her loyalty to her Bright Beginnings family.
  • Her relationships with the children are life long- former students and their parents come back to visit Teena all the time!
  • Her willingness to help others.
  • Her kindness and sweet nature.
  • She’s funny! And tells great stories!
  • Fun Facts:
    • Ms. Teena loves anything to do with water: swimming, water slides and water skiing.
    • She loves to travel and uses her time off to hit the road-most recently she has visited Paris, Bermuda, San Diego, Cyrus, Greece, Italy, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Israel, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. What a great combination!
    • She has a cat, Ashley
    • Teena is a huge animal lover!