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6 Tips For Staying Organized With Your Preschooler

One child? Piece of cake. You have a fairly clean house, organized drawers, and you can probably locate anything in under five minutes. Throw more than one kiddo in the mix? What you have my friend, is complete chaos. But, it doesn’t have to be. Staying organized is absolutely essential when dealing with kids. Not sure how to make this happen? Read on for some suggestions.

  1. Stock up On Shoe Organizers These bad boys hang on the back of any standard sized door, and they are loaded with clear compartments. They don’t have to hold shoes at all, either. Fill them with art supplies, socks, medical stuff, snacks-the sky is the limit. Plus, when your kids get older, they will be able to help themselves to pretty much anything in the pockets and will learn everything can and does have a place.
  2. Use a Lock Box Want to not just have easy access to important documents, yet keep them secure? Utilize a lock box. This can be placed in one permanent location and hold things like birth certificates, insurance policy info, deeds, financial info, health records-you name it. It will help you keep track of important information for your kids and will ease your mind knowing that everything is safe.
  3. Build School Stations School stations are great for your tots. Each child can get a hook or two that houses their book bag, coat, and hat. Place their shoes on the floor and also a bench in the vicinity, so your child reports to this station before and after school each day to unpack or get ready to catch the bus-all items they could possibly need are there!
  4. Keep Snacks in Accessible Containers Want to teach your child to be responsible for packing their own snack or helping themselves when hungry? Keep all snacks in your home in one place that the kids can access. Remove them from their boxes and have them in categorized bins, so packing a snack each day is one less thing you have to worry about since they can do it themselves.
  5. Rethink Your Diaper Bag You can be that mom who always has her stuff together by giving your diaper bag a once over. Your diaper bag contains absolutely everything you need to remain comfortable and prepared when away from home, so carefully fil leach pocket and zippered compartment with essential items. If you run out of space, there are additional zippered pouches you can purchase that hook onto a key ring (which you can attach to your bag’s handles or interior); allowing you to have all the space you want!
  6. Set Up For Breakfast the Night Before Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has time to set it all up the morning of a school day? You do-because you can set it up the night before. Much like how you set up your kids’ book bags, clothing, and pack their lunches; you can surely spare 10 minutes to set your table for breakfast. Be sure to already have in mind what will be served so you can ensure the proper bowls, plates, and utensils are readily available. An even better suggestion? Use disposables so you can trash everything when finished and no cleanup is required!

There are dozens of ways to remain organized when you have kdis, but these are some of the big ones. Consider the tips above to ensure you always have you rstuff together and your household runs smoothly!

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